Cod. 615795

Electric device for the disposal of coffee grounds.

  • Optimise cleaning of the filter thus improving results in the cup (from tests performed in the laboratories of leading coffee roasters)
  • Avoids dirtying the base
  • Avoids the noise from combing thus improving the acoustic comfort of your premises
  • Avoids replacement of the filters and abrasion of the units
  • Avoids repairs and replacements of coffee grounds drawers
  • Quicker than traditional combing
  • Avoids discomfort to the carpal tunnel
  • Collects and disposes of the coffee grounds hygienically
  • It does not require special cleaning or maintenance
  • Avoids the old bulky drawer that hinders the operator
  • Collects large quantities of grounds in the same bag
  • Avoids the presence of insects caused by the grounds dispersed under the base
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